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jeff_phelps's Journal

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**This is the official Livejournal account for Jeff Phelps. It is managed by Mr. Phelps and his Internet Publicist. Any other LJ accounts bearing his name or likeness are not sanctioned by Mr. Phelps or his management.**

I am a writer and a director. My latest movie, "Special Ed" hits the street on May 16th through Blockbuster.

I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, and graduated from the University of Kansas in 1999, with a degree in Advertising.

I then moved to Los Angeles soon after, and started work with Clint Eastwoods Malpaso Productions, working on such films as Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Space Cowboys.

I then forayed into sketch comedy and eventually into stand up comedy, scoring gigs at the Comedy Store and the Improv.

From there, I managed my way into acting, getting a break in the Brittney Spears movie, Crossroads, and continuing in commercials, pilots, independents, like They Call Him Sasquatch, and even a Hallmark movie, The King and Queen of Moonlight Bay.

In 2003, I wrote the first draft of Special Ed, which was called The Doctor and the Bully at that point. A few months and more than a few rewrites later, I put together a proposal, and raised the money to make Special Ed.

I put everything I had and could find into making my first movie, "Special Ed," and I want everyone to see it. Beyond just helping me make my next one, I really think it will move and affect people. That's why I made it. It's in Blockbuster now, so go check it out.